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Booking manager

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Booking manager covers all needed aspects to embed a whole booking process into your WordPress website. Features include:

  • Define “Working Hours”: allows you to specify weather your are open or not for business on specific week day. Also you can defines start and end hour and as well as booking notice and break between appointments.
  • Define “Personal time”: provides a powerful engine to define recurrent event that may affect your availability (Ex. birthdays, holidays, lunch or breaks). You can also define “one time” events (Ex. my cousin wedding).
  • Personalize how you want the customer to pick the appointment time: customer can be presented either with fixed “block times” based in your availability or with a flexible time picker.
  • Define “Services”: you can specify price, duration, whether the appointment must be confirmed by the provider or not. Double booking is also supported by the plugin.
  • Run payments through the plugin: easy integration with Stripe for charging your customers right form your website.
  • Booking page: when installing the plugin, a booking page is created. Link that page to a menu entry and you will be all set for star getting appointments requests through your web site.


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